This program is funded through the generous support of the CanFel Foundation.

·         The NL West SPCA is very passionate about animal welfare, specifically promoting good spay/neuter practices. This reduces the number of homeless and abandoned animals, lowers the spread of disease, and decreases the amount of animals having repeated pregnancies.

·         SNAP is a program that provides low-cost spay/neuter surgeries to those who require financial assistance.

·         SNAP has a limited budget and applicants must complete the form and submit necessary documentation to help the SPCA determine who will qualify for assistance.

·         SNAP is intended as a subsidy program to assist with the cost of spay/neuter for dogs and cats.

How the SNAP process works:

·         Fill out our online SNAP application form. You must email a copy of your proof of income within 24 hours of completing your application. You will NOT be approved for SNAP without proof of income on file.

·         Once your application is received our committee will review it. Once approved, you will receive an email to confirm your acceptance into the program.

·         You will be provided with a quote containing the cost of your contribution towards the surgery. Note SNAP is an assistance program that covers 60% of the surgery cost, you are responsible for paying the remainder.

·         You will be given a deadline date to make your payment.

·         Once your payment is received, we will schedule a surgery appointment at the Humber Valley Veterinary Clinic. It is your responsibility to arrange transportation and ensure you arrive in a timely manner.

·         Bring your pet in for their surgery!


Who qualifies for the NL West SPCA SNAP Program?

Our program is intended for pet owners who are:

·        Experiencing financial difficulty

·        In a situation where their needs or their pets’ basic needs are compromised as a result of their pet not being spayed/neutered

We only accept applications from the West Coast of Newfoundland.

Restrictions: SNAP is for spay and neuter only. Any bloodwork, medications and/or other veterinary costs are the total responsibility of the applicant. SNAP is an assistance program and does not cover the full costs of spay/neuter.



The NL West SPCA SNAP program offers low-cost spay/neuter surgeries for Cats and Dogs on the West Coast of Newfoundland. This program is for owners who require financial assistance, as well as those who are in difficult situations due to their animals not being spayed/neutered. 

·        Please note that this is a subsidy program whereby SNAP pays 60% of the total surgery cost, it is the owner's responsibility to pay the remainder by the deadline provided.

·        Please be advised that proof of income is required in order for your application to be considered.

·        It is your responsibility to know if your pet is male or female. 

·        We require your portion of the payment in advance and do not offer refunds or price adjustments.

·        Please do not apply if you know you cannot pay your contribution or if you do not have transportation to ensure you can attend the appointment.

·        Please complete a separate application form for each pet.

·        Proof of income must be sent to