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Donations can be made in person by cash, check or physical items at:
NL West SPCA, 10 Connors Rd, Curling

Western Pet Supply, 63 Broadway, Corner Brook

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P.O. Box 7
Corner Brook NL, A2H 6C3
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*UPDATE Jan 07, 2019*

The NL WEST SPCA would like to thank all those who donated to us after our recent request was sent out. We know the Holiday Season can be a challenging time for people to make donations so we are very grateful to those that could. There have been some comments regarding our financial situation that we would like to address. In 2017 we sold our building on the North Shore Highway and put these funds into a separate bank account to be used towards obtaining a new shelter. The “new shelter” account is not being used for day to day operations. These funds are reserved for the new shelter and will only be used for current operations in the event of an emergency. The recent call for donations was due to our shelter operating account running low (under $5,000) and we did not want to tap into the new shelter account. Our shelter operating account pays for things such as wages, insurance and most importantly vet bills for the animals in our care.

Our plan to build a new shelter building on Lundrigan Drive is being reviewed due to the higher than expected build cost. We are also looking at other locations and buildings in the area. A new building will cost an estimated $500,000+ while purchasing and renovating a building may be as low as $350,000. Any of the options we have looked at so far will cost more than we have available right now (which is $286,283.59). Further to the cost of a new location will be the added monthly operating costs that will be expected. So while our plans to get into a new location are taking longer than expected we must make sure that we make the right move. We cannot get into a situation that we can not afford which would seriously jeopardize the long term viability of the NL WEST SPCA. While the current shelter location is not ideal it does provide a location for us to care for many animals. We average between 20 and 25 cats and dogs at the shelter at any time. These animals depend on us and the donations from you to care for them, to keep them warm and safe while they await their furever home.

We continue work diligently on developing a plan to better serve the animals in our care and our community as a whole.

Your continued support at this time is needed and greatly appreciated.



*Original posting*


As a non-profit organization, the Bay of Islands Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals – commonly known as the NL West SPCA - relies heavily on public donations and volunteers to continue operations for animals in need. With the exception of key shelter staff, the SPCA is run entirely by volunteers. Only 10% of our annual income is received through a government grant. This contribution is intended to cover the expenses incurred by the SPCA while caring for animals placed in our care during police investigations and active court cases. Most years the grant does not cover costs of transportation, housing/care, and vet fees for seized animals in our care while pending Court action.

As of December, 2018 – the NL West SPCA is operating on a “red alert” basis. Our funds are running dangerously low as we continue to see an increase in the number of animals in our care and operating expenses. Our volunteer board, volunteer shelter workers and paid employees continue to work diligently to reduce expenses and increase fundraising – but with rising vet expenses and falling donations, we are having difficulty.

The current home of the NL West SPCA – 10 Connors Road – is and has been for some time no longer suitable for the health and safety of our animals and staff. We need to move to better serve our community – but at this time, we cannot afford the increased expenses of a suitable location. As the public is aware, we did previously purchase a building on the North Shore Highway. Due to unforeseen costs to renovate that building in accordance with government regulations, we were forced to abandon that project.

On behalf of the animals in our care and the many more to come, we ask for the public’s assistance. Following the “donate” button on our website will allow you to make a one time or recurring monthly donation. Any amount is helpful! If just 15% of Corner Brook gave just $1 per month – that would cover the monthly expense increase to allow us to open a new, larger and more suitable shelter!  

On behalf of the Board of Directors, volunteers and staff, the NL West SPCA thanks you for your consideration and ongoing support. Together we make a voice for the voiceless and a shelter for the abandoned.