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Paper Adoption Application

Your street address
Your city or town
Your postal code
Enter the best phone number to reach you
If you are interested in a specific animal for adoption, please list them here. If you'd like to be put on a waitlist for a specific type of animal should one become available, please enter a description here. Otherwise, leave this field blank to apply for general adoption approval.
Have you owned a pet before?
Please indicate if you've owned a pet in the past or currently own a pet now.
Is this pet still with you?
Please explain why the pet is no longer with you.
Please give as much detail as possible. Such as the age and sex of the animal, the age of the animal when you received it, current age if still with you, etc.
Please provide the name of your Veterinarian.
Do you agree to release your vet records to the SPCA?
Do you rent or own your home?
If renting, you MUST provide a letter from your landlord stating permission to have a pet.
Please provide the name of your Landloard.
Please provide your landloard's phone number.
Do you have a fenced in yard?
Total number of people in your household.
Do you have children?
Please provide the age of each child. 
Does each member of your household agree to welcome a pet and understand the responsibility associated with owning a pet?
It's important the everyone is on board!
Does anyone in your home suffer from allergies or asthma?
Does the allergy or asthma limit the ownership of a pet in any way? Please explain.
Are you prepared for the arrival of your new pet?
(Have you looked into the proper food you’ll be feeding them, have you purchased a carrier/leash/toys, etc.)
Would you like any advice on what's needed to prepare?
Let us know if you'll need some help and guideance before bringing home your new pet!
For example: while you’re away at work? If outside, will they have adequate shelter from the elements? If yes, please describe the shelter you’ll provide. If inside, provide details such as kennel size if used, care taker availability, etc.
Example: kennel, dog bed (location?)
Will your pet be left alone for long periods of time?
Please provide some detail for your pets alone time.
Do you have a caretaker for away times?
Do you have support from family/friends to care for your pet while you're away and unable to take them with you? Example: vacation, work trips, etc.
Are you prepared for this new long term commitment? The average lifespan of a dog is approximately 8-12 years, and for cats it’s approximately 12-17 years.
Do you agree to the financial commitment required to maintain your pet’s health including spaying/neutering, vaccinations, licensing, and vet care?
Do you agree to an SPCA representative possibly doing a home visit?
Reference one
Please enter contact information for your first reference.
Reference two
Please enter contact information for your second reference.
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