Super Pet Adoption Event & Bake Sale

Come meet your new best friend.




Congratulations to Marian Foster who had the winning bid of $190!


Shelter at capacity

Due to the shelter being over capacity, we will not be admitting any new cats until further notice.

If you need to re-home an animal, we will assist by posting a photo of your animal and contact information as an outside adoption. We hope that many of our cats will soon be adopted so that we can start admitting animals as soon as possible.

Annual General Meeting


Wish List

We are in need of some supplies:

– bleach (used daily to disinfect and clean cats cages)

– disposable exam gloves (used daily for wearing while cleaning cat cages and litter)

– clumping litter (with so many cats, we use a lot!)

– dry cat and kitten food

– Presidents Choice grain-free dry cat food (we have a few over weight cats that need this!)

– cat treats (we don’t really need this, but the cats say otherwise!)

Fundraising with Scotia Recycling

NL West SPCA has an account at Scotia Recycling. You can ask for your recyclables to be donated to us or if you have 1-3 bags, you can use the express deposit to drop off recyclables.  Simply type our phone number into the kiosk to print off stickers for your bags, then leave them in the box to be applied to our account when staff receive it! No long line up!
Thank you for your support.

Chase the Ace is Back!


Congratulations to Denise Penney for drawing the Ace of Spades on July 14, 2016 at our Chase the Ace. She was the lucky winner of $1,863.00.

We would like to say a special thank you to Tallboy’s for letting us host this event.CTA winner

Preventing Ticks

Cases of ticks are being reported in Newfoundland more and more often. In 2015, there were 25 cases confirmed by the Forestry and Agrifoods Agency. Luckily, none of these cases tested positive for Lyme Disease.


Talk to your veterinarian about different insecticides available for your pet. If your pet is regularly outdoors, check him/her daily for ticks. Use a fine tooth comb to comb out ticks that are clinging to the fur. Check under the armpits, in the ears, and under the belly, too. When out hiking, be sure to stick to the trail to avoid ticks in low laying areas.


If you find a tick, do not squeeze it or burn it off your pet. Use tweezers to grasp as close to the skin as possible by gripping its head and without crushing it. Steadily pull upward until it releases. Clean the bite with soap and warm water to prevent infection. Don’t squish the tick to dispose of it, as this may spread any diseases it has. Instead, wrap it in toilet paper and flush it down the toilet.


To find out more about dogs and ticks visit

To find out where ticks have been identified in Newfoundland visit the Foresty and Agrifoods Agency website at

The AGM for the provincial SPCA:

Carbonear on Sunday, June 12, 2016 at 10:00 a.m.

Fong’s Restaurant and Motel conference room (143 Columbus Drive, Carbonear)

Hosted by Baccalieu Trail SPCA